Meet the Welsh Ponies

The Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A) (Height not exceeding 1.22m)

Bred in the rugged mountains of Wales and acknowledged universally as the most beautiful of the British native breeds, centuries of harsh environmental conditions have developed a pony with a sound constitution, iron hard limbs, great intelligence and the renowned Welsh temperament. They are the ideal child’s first pony but they are equally at home in harness and, particularly in South Africa, have proven themselves to be highly competitive in the driving show ring.

The head of the Mountain Pony should be small, with neat pointed ears, big bold eyes and a wide forehead tapering to a small muzzle. Action must straight, free, up and out in front with the hocks well flexed.


The Welsh Pony (Section B) (Height not exceeding 1,37m)

For generations these ponies were the hill farmer’s main means of transport, herding sheep and wild ponies over rough, mountainous country. They had to be hardy, balanced and fast to survive. These qualities combined with a natural jumping ability and their good Welsh temperament makes them the ideal all-round child’s pony.

The general description of the Welsh Mountain Pony can be applied to the Welsh Pony but emphasis is placed on riding pony qualities whilst still retaining their hardiness and substance.


The Welsh Pony of Cob Type (Section C) (Height not exceeding 1,37m)

The Welsh Pony of Cob Type is the sturdier counterpart of the Welsh Pony containing a large percentage of Cob blood. They are natural jumpers and ideal dual purpose ponies for both riding and driving.

The description of the Welsh Cob also applies to the Welsh Pony of Cob Type.


The Welsh Cob (Section D) (Height over 1,37m with no upper limit)

The Welsh Cob has been described as the “best ride and drive animal in the world”. Their character exudes strength, hardiness and agility. They are competitive performers world-wide in all aspects of equestrian sport.

The head shows great quality and pony character with bold, prominent eyes and neat well-set ears. The body must be deep with strong limbs and an abundance of flat bone. Action must be straight, free and forceful. The knees should be bent and then the whole foreleg extended from the shoulder as far forward as possible at all paces.


The Welsh Partbred (No Height limits – a minimum of 25% Welsh blood)

In South Africa the Welsh Partbred features strongly in all the equestrian disciplines. They inherit the beauty, constitution, good bone, courage, talent and equable temperament of their Welsh ancestors and demand exceeds supply, particularly as mounts for pony riders.

The conformation and good looks of the Welsh Partbred should match those of their Purebred counterparts even though the Welsh Breed characteristics are not a show-ring requirement.

Purebred Welsh Ponies and Cobs may be any colour except Piebald or Skewbald but this restriction does not apply to Partbred animals.