Special General Meeting 8th August 2015

The Special General Meeting of the Welsh Pony & Cob Society of South Africa was held at Bains Equestrian Estate on Saturday 8th August 2015. The President, Mr. Jack De Villiers, explained that, due to unforeseen circumstances, there had been no list of paid-up members or attendance register available at the A.G.M. in Beaufort West and therefore no control of voting eligibility. On the advice of the Registrar: Animal Improvement the meeting had been reconvened as a Special General Meeting.

Only eleven members attended the meeting and as this did not constitute a quorum (constitution clause 11.7.1) the meeting stood down for 30 minutes before being reconvened to handle urgent business (Constitution clause 11.7.2).

The following points were resolved:

  • The re-appointment of the auditors Gerber, Botha & Gower was ratified.
  • The Acting Secretary will request copies of all completed DNA tests from Unistell.
  • The National Championships will be held at Bains Equestrian Estate in 2016
  • The proposed rules 9.1. & 9.2. will be added to the Show Rules.


Any changes to the Show Rules proposed by members not present at the meeting could not be voted on. However it was agreed that Show Holding bodies could modify single harness classes to accommodate the following age groups; Ponies 3 yrs and under (i.e. 2 and 3 year old ponies) Ponies five years and under (Ponies under 6 years) and ponies over 5years (i.e. ponies 6years & older). There should be no cross entry between the first two classes.


In terms of clause 11.7.2. no constitutional changes could be discussed and such changes must be presented  at the next Annual General meeting.




W.P.C. S. Council


At the Council meeting of 8th August 2015 it was noted that Mr. Neville Brown had been absent from 2 consecutive Council meetings without good reason and thus forfeits his office (constitution clause 9.4) and Mr. I. Samuels is currently in bad standing with the Society (constitution clause 4.7) and thus cannot serve as the Western Cape Council member. In order to ensure communication with the Western Cape members Mr. Paul Carstens was appointed as Acting General Council member with a mandate to call a meeting of Western cape members in good standing to elect a new Regional Council member.

Mr. George Muller was appointed as Acting Regional Council member for the Eastern Cape until an AGM is held in that Region later this year.


Other news

  • Fees 2023-2024


  • National Annual General meeting

    The 2022 National AGM will take place on Thursday 6th October at Robertson Showgrounds Agenda AGM 06.10.2022

  • Fees 2022 – 2023